BitClub Connect Review: Scam or Legit Trading bot?


Author: Patrick Webber

In the last two years, the crypto mania has churned out more millionaires than any other industry. Likewise, multitudes have lost millions to the many crypto scams that have cropped up with promises of making overnight billionaires. One of these scams is BitClub Connect, a self-proclaimed trading bot that claims to help investors make thousands of dollars in profits per day.

InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Bitclub Connect operates a fake crypto trading robot and a fake crypto mining pool.  This review presents evidence that this is a scam robot and makes recommendations for tested and proven robots. Keep reading to learn more or read our review of top picks for the best Bitcoin Robot for 2019.

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    Is BitClub Connect a Scam? Yes!

    BitClub Connect is a big crypto scam operating both as a crypto trading robot and a mining pool. InsideBitcoins investigations reveal that this platform adopts a pyramid scheme-like model to get new signups. Our analysis of individual users reviews show that most people have lost money using this platform. BitClub Connect main agenda appears to be getting new signups after which it disappears with users’ money. A deep analysis of their trading platform indicates that they do not have a legit underlying trading technology.

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that there is no way to track the people behind this platform. There is no information about the founders of the platform and the supporting team. BitClub Connect has no known offices and does not provide traceable communication channels to its customer service.

    Another big red flag that Bitclub Connect is a scam is that it keeps changing its domain and name. Currently, it operates under two names i.e. BitClub Connect and BitClub Network.

    • InsideBitcoins Investigation reveals that BitClub Connect has an accuracy level of below 10% – Top robots score above 90%.
    • This robot has a legitimacy score of 13% – The best trading robots score above 80%.
    • BitClub Connect has a poor online reputation – Most people who have tried this robot report losing money.
    • BitClub Connect also operates a crypto mining pyramid scheme.
    • Keep reading to learn more or read our review of Bitcoin Revolution, a legit trading bot with an accuracy level of 99.4%.

    What is BitClub Connect?

    BitClub Connect is a scam crypto trading robot and a crypto mining pool. The platform allegedly uses big data to study crypto markets and make trading decisions. When it comes to crypto mining, this platform solicits deposits from unsuspecting investors in the name of helping them get rich from crypto mining.

    InsideBitcoins investigation can confirm that these are lies. BitClub connect is nothing but a scam platform aimed at stealing money from investors. You will never be able to withdraw your money if you sign up with this platform. We can also confirm that their crypto mining services have all the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. The only way to make money through these services is by introducing other people to the platform.

    Our investigation also reveals that this platform keeps changing domain address and names. It currently operates under two names namely BitClub Connect and BitClub Network. Perhaps this is in an effort to avoid the ever-growing negative reputation about their scam. There are a lot of negative reviews about the two platforms, with most reviewers claiming to lose their money within an hour of live trading.

    Bitclub Connect also claims to help investors trade Binaries and Forex. InsideBitcoins investigation did not find any evidence that they have the technologies for this purpose. Legit trading robots always provide evidence about the logic behind their robots. Read our Bitcoin Code review for a legit trading robot.

    Who Founded BitClub Connect?

    As mentioned earlier, Bitclub Connect does not reveal about its founder. Even worse, they blatantly lie about their CEO, COO, and CIO. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the images used on their platform are not real but downloaded from stock images. The profile for the CEO claims that his name is Justin Smith. A Google Reverse image search reveals that the photo used for the profile is from, a stock images site. The same case applies for Jordan Jumpman the COO, and Courtney Belen the CIO. These profiles are false!

    What is even more ridiculous is the fact that this platform appears to suggest that it is publicly traded. They claim that during the CEO 4 year tenure, their stock price has dropped 80%. Any investor with average attention to detail can tell that this claim is not only sarcastic but outright evidence that BitClub Connect is a scam.

    Legit trading robots not only disclose about their founders but also about their support team. A robot that is hesitant to do so is likely a scam. InsideBitcoins recommends that you stay away from any trading robot that lies about its founders.

    How does BitClub Connect Work?

    BitClub Connect claims to be a robot trader and a crypto miner. When it comes to robo-trading, this platform allegedly applies algorithms to scan crypto market data and make trading decisions. However, our investigation shows that these are lies and they do not have such technologies. The only thing they provide is a webpage to trick people into signing up with scam brokers. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that the majority of brokers in partnership with this robot are known to be a scam.

    On top of crypto trading, BitClub also claims to offer stock and forex trading. InsideBitcoins can confirm that these are lies. As mentioned earlier in this review, BitClub does not have any legit trading technology. Their main motivation is to get signups after which they disappear with clients’ money.

    BitClub Connect also claims to help investors make millions of dollars investing in crypto mining. The company behind this robot claims to own a mining rig with the potential of generating huge profits within hours. They do not provide any other details apart from asking investors to deposit money with them. An analysis of online reviews shows that they operate a pyramid scheme where users are only remunerated if they introduce other people on the platform.

    Why you should not register with BitClub Connect

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that BitClub is a sham. We recommend that you stay away from this platform. Signing up with BitClub will not only result in deposit loss but will also expose you to cyber attacks.

    Our investigation shows that they pay little attention to users’ safety. Here are the top reasons why this platform is an outright scam.

    Lies about almost everything

    The biggest red flag that BitClub is a scam is the lies they tell on their website. First, they falsely claim that they are a publicly traded company. They go further ahead to point out that since their CEO took over, their stock price has plummeted 80%. This claim is not only ridiculous but clearly indicates that they do not care if people notice that they are a scam.

    Even worse, they use fake profiles for the CEO, COO, and CIO. As mentioned earlier, InsideBitcoins has conducted a reverse image search and can confirm

    Wipes out accounts in minutes

    If you deposit money with this robot, you are likely to lose it in less than an hour. The BitClub Connect trading platform appears to have been configured to make losses. This is typical of most scam trading robots.

    No withdrawals

    Once you make a deposit with this robot, you can’t withdraw it. BitClub works in collaboration with scam brokers. These brokers main goal is to get new deposits after which they go missing. We have established that BitClub does not provide any customer service especially when enquiries are about withdrawals.

    Partners with sham offshore brokers

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that BitClub works with unregulated brokers. Most of these brokers have negative online reputation and are known to scam people. They also cannot be traced given that they are not registered in any jurisdiction.

    Unsafe trading platform

    Our tests reveal that BitClub is not a safe trading robot. Firstly, they keep moving from one domain to another. Secondly, their trading platform is not secured which means that hackers can intercept traffic and steal users’ data. We have also determined that this robot shares users’ data with third parties including scam brokers.

    Recommended Trading Robots

    InsideBitcoins carries out rigorous tests to determine legit trading robots. Our tests take into account factors such as consistency, reputability, transparency, safety and customer service. The robots recommended in this review have all been tested and proven to be highly legit.

    Dubai Lifestyle App

    This robot has a legitimacy score of 85%. An analysis of online reviews shows that the majority of people who have tried this robot have made huge profits. We can confirm that you can make an average of $1500 in profits per day when trading with this robot. The minimum capital required to trade with this robot is $250. You do not need any trading experience to use this robot.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Properties
    • Trade Now
    The best choice
    • 88% win rate
    • $250 Deposit
    • Not a scam

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is another top trading robot in our list. We have determined that it is possible to make $1000 in profits per day using this robot. The minimum capital required to trade with this robot is $250. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the account opening process with this robot is a simple one. You do not need any trading experience to use this robot.

    • Robot
    • Rating
    • Properties
    • Trade
    Free to use
    • 82% claimed win-rate
    • $250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
    All trading carries risk

    Is BitClub Connect legit? The Verdict!

    BitClub Connect is a scam trading robot and we recommend that you stay away from it. Our investigation shows that you will lose money if you signup with this robot. The people behind this platform are seasoned scammers operating under different names.

    Also, InsideBitcoins can confirm that most of the information provided on their website is false. The executive profiles and users testimonials are all faked. We can confirm that the photos used on the profiles are all downloaded from stock images sites.

    InsideBitcoins conducts a thorough investigation to help you identify good robots like bitcoin Lifestyle and avoid scammers. The robots recommended in this review have all been tested and proven to be highly legit.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is BitClub Connect legit?

    No! Bitclub is a scam trading robot and you should stay away from it. We recommend that you only trade with tested and proven trading platforms. The robots recommended in this list have all been tested and proven to be legit.

    Is BitClub Connect a pyramid scheme?

    BitClub cryptos mining model is a pyramid scheme. The only way to make money with it is through introducing new signups.

    Can I make money with BitClub Connect?

    No! InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Bitcoin Connect is configured to make losses. We can confirm that you won’t make a dime using this robot. Their crypto mining section is also a big scam. The only users’ who are likely to make a few bucks from it are those who are willing to participate in its pyramid scheme.

    Can I withdraw my money from BitClub Connect?

    BitClub connect does not allow users to withdraw their trading capital. Their goal is to get your deposit and once they do so, they go missing in action. We cannot insist enough on the need to stay away from this scam.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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