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BitAlpha AI Review – New Bitcoin Robot

Rating 4.5/5

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

We reviewed the new Bitcoin and crypto trading bot software BitAlpha AI, an automated trading platform that claims to use a proprietary algorithmic trading API. Not much information is available on BitAlpha AI before making a deposit, however, it appears to be very popular online and is the newest provider within a growing industry trend of Bitcoin robot, or ‘bot’ software tools for cryptocurrency investors.

These ‘robo advisors’ meet the increasing demand for trading bot programs within the crypto trading community, as the crypto markets trade 24/7/365, unlike the legacy markets (such as forex, Gold, and stocks) that close trading for the weekend.

In this guide, we’ll examine BitAlpha AI’s advertising copy and stated features, and analyze its claimed win rate and investing strategy. Bear in mind some trading robots are scams and / or make a very exaggerated return on investment (ROI) claims, our review team blacklisted some on our best Bitcoin robots guide.

BitAlpha AI – Overview

From BitAlpha AI user reviews online this Bitcoin trading robot has these main features:

What the Robot Trades Bitcoin (Satoshis, units of BTC) and other cryptos
Stated ROI 80%
Trading Fees None
Minimum Deposit $50
Mobile Compatibility None – Desktop only

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Review of BitAlpha AI

Note that BitAlpha AI is also often spelled Bit Alpha AI with spaces, or BitAlphaAI without spaces. The AI in its name denotes artificial intelligence, and ‘alpha’ in trading is a synonym of value or useful information.

The BitAlpha AI site begins by stating BTC could reach over $300k by the end of 2023. Goldman Sachs have made a Bitcoin price prediction of over $100,000 on CNBC, back in January 2022.

BitAlpha AI website

Source – BitAlpha AI website

Other major billionaire investors like Elon Musk, Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones as well as institutions like hedge funds have made similar Bitcoin predictions when talking to FT, Reuters, Forbes, and other mainstream financial news sources.

Gemini exchange founders and Bitcoin investors the Winklevoss twins also predicted Bitcoin will reach $500,000 and match the market capitalization of Gold ($11 trillion) at some future date.

Is BitAlpha AI a Scam?

It’s not 100% clear who owns BitAlpha AI or developed its crypto trading bot software. For any in-depth review of BitAlpha AI users have to make an initial deposit.

However, it’s not uncommon for crypto project owners to be anonymous or use pseudonyms. Also, the 80% win-rate claim, which is unverified, is not as high and unrealistic sounding as some Bitcoin robots that claim a 99% ROI.

Use stop-loss and only invest the minimum to start with until you’re sure BitAlpha AI works as described.

How Does BitAlpha AI Work?

The BitAlpha AI website claims this tool uses high-frequency trading and can run automatically in the background while registered traders are AFK. Its API can be integrated with the crypto exchange of users’ choice and identifies potentially profitable trading setups with an 80% win rate.

Even with that alleged high accuracy, there is a possibility of making losses with this crypto robot. Only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

BitAlpha AI Fees

This robot states it is free of charge, so BitAlpha AI charges no deposit fees, withdrawal fees or other hidden charges and commissions. However, the exchange platform BitAlpha AI will charge its own maker/taker fee – other than Binance which in 2022 removed all spot trading fees (for Bitcoin).

When buying Bitcoin and sending it to and from your BitAlpha AI wallet that process does also incur a small network fee for each transaction or a spread/maker and taker fee depending on the crypto exchange used.

Amazon Cryptocurrency?

Some online sources and rumors appear to imply BitAlpha AI is associated with the retail giant Amazon, we couldn’t find any information to verify that. It appears to be a marketing gimmick.

Celebrity Endorsements?

Many of the Bitcoin robots and general crypto robots we’ve reviewed are popular, but claims on social media that they have been recommended by celebrities are not accurate. Crypto trading bots tend to be a very niche subject and discipline well outside of the mainstream.

Often scam sites not using the official link for websites like BitAlpha AI will use its name and brand recognition and then claim it was used by Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert, footballer Marcus Rashford, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, chef Gordon Ramsey, and so on – none of these claims are true.

Automated Trading

BitAlpha AI claims it can stay profitable over the long term, which if legitimate and sustainable would rival professional human day traders.  BitAlpha AI runs on autopilot and can be used by any beginner trader according to the website. Investors don’t require any particular level of trading expertise to trade with BitAlpha AI.

Ease of use

Various online BitAlpha AI reviews state it is a fully automatic trading platform, meaning investors do not need any technical expertise to use it. Once you register and make a deposit, all you need to do is to click the live trading button. There is a also demo account to help you familiarize yourself with the real dashboard before live trading.


BitAlpha AI claims to have all the necessary measures in place to ensure cyber safety. For instance, their website is properly encrypted and they have a well-defined password policy. From the footer, it can also be determined that BitAlpha AI is GDPR compliant and therefore does not share users’ data without their consent.

Customer service

The BitAlpha AI site makes available its customer service in the form of phone support and email support 24/7. Communications through email can be slower however telephone agents are quick to answer queries – a personal agent is usually assigned to each new BitAlpha AI sign-up.

How to Use BitAlpha AI – Step by Step

To register for a new BitAlpha AI account follow these steps:

1. Visit the BitAlpha AI Website

Make sure you’re visiting the official BitAlpha AI site as some links online appear to spoof to the website to collect leads for multi-level marketing schemes and ponzi scams.

Trading bot sign up

BitAlpha AI website sign up form

2. Enter Personal Information

In the box on the homepage enter your email, contact number, and user name. You can use a pseudonym and burner account for those if you’re concerned about the security of online bots.

3. Deposit

Start with the minimum deposit of $50 until you’re ready to invest more – test out a cashout, which from BitAlpha AI reviews can take 1-2 hours to process, channeled back to the payment method used to deposit.

Deposit options include credit or debit cards and bank transfers.

4. Start Trading

Most Bitcoin robots and crypto robots provide a demo account to paper trade before committing to real money trading. Demo accounts have zero risk.

When you’re reading to trade select Bitcoin or one of the major altcoins BitAlpha AI supports – reportedly Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), and more – and adjust the settings of the BitAlpha AI program to your preferences. Then activate the BitAlpha AI bot. Remember that all trading carries risk.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


How much money can be made with BitAlpha AI?

This would depend on the principal capital invested as well as your appetite for risk. We recommend only making a minimum deposit to test out the BitAlpha AI platform and then proceeding from there. BitAlpha AI reviews and testimonials are also quite rare online in terms of specific win rate claims.

Is BitAlpha AI a scam or legit? Did Elon Musk invest with BitAlpha AI?

Trading robot tools are unregulated so don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Use several automated trading platforms and sites that support automated copy trading to lower risk. We can't confirm if BitAlpha AI is 100% reliable. Online rumors of Elon Musk mentioning BitAlphaAI or investing with it are false - he has only ever tweeted about DOGE, SHIB, and BTC.

How well does BitAlpha AI perform?

BitAlpha AI purports to be able to scalp Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash with high-frequency trading algorithms for an 80 percent win rate or more, being able to take profit automatically and set an optimal stop loss based on an R:R ratio (risk to reward).