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Algo Robotics: Scam or Legit Trading Robot? The Results Revealed!

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Algo Robotics is one of those trading robots that use spam marketing to get new signups. The platform alleges to be 100 percent automatic and to make an average of $5k in profits per day. But is it legit? InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Algo Robotics is a scam. You will lose money if you open an account with them.

In this review, we will look at the red flags that show that this platform is a scam. We will also recommend alternative robots that are legit. Our legitimacy test takes into account factors such as profitability, transparency, reputation, safety, and customer service. Keep reading to learn more about Algo Robotics. Click the “trade now” button in the table below if you prefer to go straight to a legit robot.

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    Is Algo Robotics scam? Yes!

    • InsideBitcoins gives Algo-Robotics a legitimacy score of 6% – Legit robots must have a score of 70% and above
    • Algo Robotics has an accuracy level of zero percent – Their platform appears configured to make consistent losses
    • This robot does not allow users to withdraw their money – Their customer service goes MIA when a client makes a withdrawal request.

    Algo Robotics is a cleverly built scam platform meant to defraud traders. Any deposit made through them goes to their partner scam brokers. These brokers lack regulation and do not have any legal registration. Scam robots are known to operate in cahoots with sham offshore brokers. The brokers’ role is to receive deposits through untraceable means and give a commission to the scammer masquerading as an algo trading bot.

    Furthermore, Algo Robotics appears dodgy on critical issues such as legal registration and founding team. This is typical of most scam trading robots. InsideBitcoins investigation further reveals that the testimonials on their website are fake. A Google reverse image search shows that the images used are from stock image sites.

    On accuracy and profitability, this self-proclaimed robot is among the worst. You won’t make a dime through them. InsideBitcoins live test shows that traders make consistent losses from beginning to the end. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of other users’ reviews shows the platform takes less than 30 minutes to deplete a deposit of $250.

    Read our top Bitcoin Robot review for tested and proven trading robots like Bitcoin Evolution. Keep reading to learn more about the Algo Robotics scam.

    What is Algo Robotics?

    As mentioned earlier, Algo Robotics is a self-proclaimed crypto, forex, and binary options robot. However, our investigation shows that it is a scam platform. Further research reveals that the con artists behind the platform are well-known scammers. These fraudsters run several scam platforms, all to solicit and steal deposits.

    Moreover, there is a high likelihood that this platform is not what it claims to be. They claim to have high-level algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. However, we did not find any evidence that they have these technologies. We are sure that there is no algorithm beneath their web-trader. Furthermore, their platform does not connect to any real broker, and therefore, there is no trading that takes place.

    In general, trading robots apply complex algorithms to scan markets big data and generate trading insights. The insights are applied automatically in the trader’s account. Top trading robots such as Digital Payday rely on advanced technologies in AI and Machine Learning. These technologies allegedly ensure an accuracy level of nearly 100 percent. Digital Payday reports an average daily profit of $1700. Read our Digital Payday review to learn more.

    How does Algo Robotics work?

    Algo Robotics relies on spam marketing and unscrupulous affiliates to get new signups. The spam marketing involves emails asking the target to open a link and discover a secret to becoming a millionaire. When you open the link, you redirect to their sign up page. Here you will find a video that claims that the platform has helped people come from rags to riches. Of course, the video is fake and only meant to make people sign up without thinking.

    Furthermore, the affiliate marketers that promote Algo Robotics use deceptive techniques. Some falsely claim that this platform has an endorsement from top celebrities and mainstream media. Several reviews are suggesting that this robot has appeared on Shark Tank. Likewise, some falsely claim that notable figures such as Steve Baxter and Janine Allis recommend it. We can confirm that these are all lies. It is typical of scam robots to associate themselves with mainstream media and celebrities falsely.

    Why Algo Robotics is a scam

    Algo Robots has all the red flags of a scam trading bot. Apart from the many individual reviews pointing that they are a scam, they also lie about almost everything. A close look at their website reveals that all their testimonials are false.

    In other words, all the rags to riches stories on their website are fictitious. Even worse, they rely on stock image photos to make the reviewers profiles. Here are more reasons as to why you should avoid Algo Robotics. Keep reading to learn more or visit a legit trading robot.

    Unsafe signup

    The signup process with this scam platform involves filling in personal details on their sign up page. Our test shows that Algo Robotics does not handle users’ data appropriately. They collect more data than necessary, and their platform does not have encryption. This means that hackers can copy data from the platform.

    Further investigation shows a high likelihood that Algo Robotics sells users’ data to other scammers. We found many complaints about users who sign up with the platform receiving a lot of spam emails and calls.

    Deposit theft

    Once you finish with registration, you will be redirected to the deposit page. The Algo Robotics scam requires a minimum deposit of $250. As mentioned earlier, there is no chance of making profits with this platform. This is because the platform is a fake meaning that there is no live trading that takes place. The goal of the scammers behind Algo Robotics is to steal deposits.

    Fake Brokers

    You will be asked to select a broker after making a deposit. This review can confirm that the provided brokers are all a scam. We did not find any information regarding their legal registration and regulation. This is because they have no registration and are not regulated.

    Fake live trading platform

    After selecting a broker, you will be redirected to a phony web-trader. Here, your money will be siphoned from your trading account as the fake platform continues to report consistent losses. The scammers behind this platform are so blatant that they will ask you to deposit more money after your account depletes.

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that their customer service does not respond to inquiries relating to withdrawals. Even worse, they will block you from the platform if you demand to withdraw your trading capital.

    Algo Robotics: Key Features


    Zero Profits

    InsideBitcoins investigation shows that Algo Robotics is a scam. The platform appears configured to make predetermined losses. You won’t make a dime through this platform. Read our Bitcoin Code review for a legit robot with a high claimed profitability.

    Unsafe Verification Process

    Unsafe verification process

    Algo Robotics verification method is not safe. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that they expose users’ data to third-party scammers. There is also a high likelihood that they will sell our data to hackers. There are complaints about people getting infected with malware after clicking on the links in their spam emails.

    No Withdrawals

    No Withdrawals

    Algo Robotics does not allow users to withdraw their trading capital. As mentioned earlier, they are likely to ban you from the platform if you insist on withdrawing your capital. The scammers behind this platform make money by stealing deposits. We recommend that you stay away from this platform.

    Poor Reputation

    Poor Reputation

    The majority of traders who have tried this platform report making consistent losses. Traders report losing their entire deposit in less than an hour of live trading. There are also many complaints about their unresponsive and often rude customer care.

    Customer Service

    Customer service

    Algo Robotics provides email as the only channel of communication. Our live test shows that they only respond to inquiries relating to deposits. They are likely to ban you from the platform if you insist on withdrawing your trading capital.



    The brokers listed as Algo Robotics partners are all fake. We did not find any information regarding their legal registration or regulation. It is typical of scam robots to partner with scam brokers. The roles of a broker in robo-trading include handling deposits and facilitating transactions. With a scam broker, there is no way for the trader to trace their deposit and lodge a complaint in case your deposit is lost. visit ourBitcoin Robot to learn more about brokers and the best trading robots.

    How to determine a legit trading robot

    Scam trading robots tend to have similar characteristics. This means that for a keen trader, they are easy to detect. Here are the key areas to explore when determining if a trading robot is legit.

    • Reputation – Read other users’ reviews on consumer reviews sites such as TrustPilot. A legit robot should have generally positive reviews. Avoid robots with a lot of negative reviews and those with few perfect reviews.
    • Transparency – Legit robots reveal crucial details, such as legal registration and partner brokers. Scam robots are likely to keep these details away or even lie. Most scam platforms tend to use stock photos to build testimonials. You can determine if this is so by conducting a Google reverse image search on one of the images on their website.
    • Marketing approach – Beware of any platform that promises ridiculous profits without elaborating on their trading technology. Also, avoid platforms that reach out to customers through spam marketing.

    InsideBitcoins takes into account these and many other factors when determining a legit robot. We provide comprehensive reviews to help you differentiate legit robots from the many scammers out there. Please browse through our Bitcoin Robot to learn more about alternative trading robots.

    Is Algo Robotics legit? The Verdict!

    Algo Robotics is a big scam, and you should avoid it. InsideBitcoins can confirm that this platform is used by scammers to steal deposits. You will lose money if you sign up with them. Our investigation further reveals that Algo Robotics operates in cahoots with offshore scam brokers. These brokers are untraceable meaning that there is no way for traders to hold them accountable for their deposits.

    Also worth noting, this platform exposes users’ data to other scammers. They appear to share the data with other sham brokers and robots. Likewise, their platforms are unsafe and therefore, likely to expose users to hackers. We recommend that you avoid Algo Robotics. Instead you can try Digital Payday, a legit robot. InsideBitcoins carries out in-depth research to determine legit trading robots. Click the ‘Trade now’ button in the table below to start trading with a legit robot.


    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Algo Robotics a scam?

    Yes! Our investigation reveals that this platform is used by scammers to defraud investors. Algo Robotics does not have any proprietary technology. What they provide is a cleverly built webpage configured to make predetermined losses.

    How much should I deposit with Algo Robotics?

    Algo Robotics is a scam platform, and you should not deposit any money with it. We recommend that you try Digital Payday instead. InsideBitcoins investigation can confirm that it is possible to make $1500 per day using this robot. Digital Payday requires a minimum deposit of $250.

    How much can I make with Algo Robotics?

    You won’t make any profits with Algo Robotics. This platform is a scam that not only steals deposits and exposes you to harm.

    Is Algo Robotics safe?

    No! Our investigation shows that they share users' data with third-party scammers. Their website and web-trader do not have encryption, meaning that hackers can easily steal data from them.

    Can I withdraw my money from Algo Robotics?

    Once you deposit money with Algo Robotics, consider it as lost. This platform will never allow you to withdraw your capital.

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