Crypto Crash Fortune: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Author: joe maurice

If you have been into trading robots, it is highly likely that you are aware of the many scammers in the industry. While the best robots have the potential to generate thousands in profits per day, the scam ones will bankrupt you in minutes. Crypto Crash Fortune is a scam platform being marketed as a get rich quick scheme. You will lose money if you deposit it with this scam.

InsideBitcoins investigative team carries out extensive research to determine legit robots. Our investigation involves hands-on tests and also an in-depth analysis of individual users reviews. Keep reading to learn more about the Crypto Crash Fortune scam or read our review of Cryptosoft, a legit trading robot. You can click the trade button in the table below to start trading right away.

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    Is Crypto Crash Fortune a Scam? Yes!

    • InsideBitcoins gives Crypto Crash Fortune a legitimacy score of 11% – top robots score above 80%
    • This robot operates in cahoots with offshore scam brokers – These brokers have a reputation of stealing from traders
    • Crypto Crash Fortune has an accuracy level of 5% – The majority of people who have tried it report losing money
    • Our test reveals that Crypto Crash Fortune does not allow traders to withdraw their money

    Crypto Crash Fortune is a big scam, and you should stay away from it. As mentioned above, the scammers behind this platform market it as a get rich quick scheme. They guarantee that traders will make an average of $1 million per month from the robot with a minimum investment of $250. These claims are not only false, but they are ridiculous. No trading robot on planet earth can generate such amounts with an investment of $250.

    Another thing we have noticed is that Crypto Crash Fortune stresses more on the earning potential and little on the logic behind their platform. Their website is littered with stories fake stories of people who have made it from rags to riches thanks to the bot. Crypto Crash Fortunes seems to target people who do not know how trading works but needs to make a quick buck.

    What is Crypto Crash Fortunes?

    Crypto Crash Fortunes claims to be a crypto trading robot. This robot allegedly helps traders generate over a million dollars per month trading crypto. InsideBitcoins can confirm that these are blatant lies. This robot is nothing but a webpage used by scam brokers to fish for new deposits. Once you deposit with them, you cannot withdraw back your money.

    Crypto Crash Fortune Benefits

    Furthermore, the fake trading platform is designed to report losses until a traders account is wiped out. Our investigative team did not find any evidence to show that they have a proprietary trading technology. Just like most scam robots, it appears that their trading webpage is set to make consistent losses until the trader’s deposit depletes.

    The platform largely depends on scrupulous affiliates for marketing. These affiliates get a share of the deposit every time they trick investors into depositing money. The scammers behind Crypto Crash Fortunes operate together with offshore scam brokers. These brokers are unregulated and have a reputation for scamming investors.

    We recommend that you avoid Crypto Crash Fortune and instead try tested and proven robots. Read our Top Bitcoin Robot 2019 for a review of legit robots worth a try. We can guarantee that Bitcoin Era and all the robots in our recommended list are tested and proven to be legit and highly accurate.

    How does Crypto Crash Fortunes work?

    Crypto Crash Fortunes claims to help traders make money in the ‘crashing’ crypto markets. According to the scammers behind this platform, their platform depends on top trading strategies to achieve this goal. InsideBitcoins can confirm with 100% certainty that this platform does not have such technologies. Crypto Crash Fortunes is a scam-get rich quick scheme that aims to steal traders deposits.

    In general, crypto trading robots analyze the crypto markets for trading insights and execute these insights into traders’ accounts. A trading robot tends to be more accurate than a human being. This is because it can analyze vast amounts of data and execute trades within a flash of a second. Top trading robots such as Bitcoin Revolution use sophisticated algorithms to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis. Additionally, they have an accuracy level of above 99%. Read our Bitcoin Revolution review or click the trade button in the table below to visit their website.

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    Most popular auto trader
    • 88% Claimed win-rate
    • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
    All trading carries risk

    Back to the Crypto Crash Fortunes scam, this platform mimics a real trading robot. The goal is to trick traders like you into signing up. They won’t disclose their partner brokers until you deposit money with them. This is because these brokers have a poor reputation. As mentioned earlier, Crypto Crash Fortunes operates like a get rich quick scheme.

    Additionally, we have established that it mainly targets people with no experience in trading. Experienced traders can flag it right away and keep off

    Why you should not register with Crypto Crash Fortunes

    Crypto Crash Fortunes is a scam platform, and you should avoid it. We can confirm that you will lose all your deposit within a few minutes of live trading if you deposit it with them. The following are the major red flags that this platform is a scam.

    Unsafe signups

    Just like the majority of scam robots out there, Crypto Crash Fortunes does not safeguard users’ data. InsideBitcoins investigation has determined that most people who sign up with this platform report receiving a lot of spam emails and calls. This is because Crypto Crash Fortunes shares their data with scam brokers. Best practices require platforms to get consent from data owners before sharing it with third parties.

    Crypto Crash Fortunes does not implement such measures. We have also determined that there is a high likelihood that they share users’ data with cybercriminals. There are several complaints about people who have registered with the platform receiving suspicious emails asking them to download attachments and click on links.

    Unsafe Deposits

    On top of disappearing with users deposits, Crypto Crash Fortunes also exposes their billing information to hackers. Our live test shows that their billing page is unencrypted meaning that hackers can copy data from the page. Furthermore, Crypto Crash Fortunes stores users’ personal banking information after deposits. There are a few complaints about this scam robot trying to charge bank accounts without the consent of owners.

    Consistent losses/ No withdrawals

    You stand no chance of withdrawing your money back when you deposit it with Crypto Crash Fortunes. Likewise, they will siphon all of it in minutes if you opt for live trading. InsideBitcoins has determined that their so-called web-trader is a cleverly built webpage set to report predetermined reports. We can confirm that everyone who tries it gets consistent losses in the same frequency as others.

    Their customer does not respond to questions relating to withdrawals. They will only get back to you if you are asking about how to make a deposit. This is because this scam project main aim is to steal deposits. Once you deposit with them, you are on your own. You have a choice of losing your money through live trading or by simply not being able to withdraw it back.

    Read our Bitcoin Code Review if you are looking for a legit trading robot that allows fast withdrawals. This robot is among the best in our top bitcoin robots 2019 picks.

    Crypto Crash Fortunes Scam: Key Features

    False Payouts

    False payouts

    Crypto Crash Fortunes claims to help traders make a million USD in a month. We can confirm that these are lies. You won’t make a dime using this platform. Those who have tried it report making consistent losses from the beginning to the end.

    Unsafe Verification System

    Unsafe Verification system

    While the verification process with this platform is easy, it is not safe. InsideBitcoins has determined that they share your data with other scammers. Even worse, they are likely to expose your billing data to cybercriminals.

    No Withdrawals

    No Withdrawals

    Crypto Crash Fortunes does not allow traders to withdraw their deposit back. Once you deposit with them, consider your money as lost. They won’t answer your calls or reply to your messages.

    Lies about cost/fees

    Lies about Cost/fees

    Crypto Crash Fortunes claims to be a free trading robot. However, you won’t make any profits with them, and they will steal your deposit. We recommend that you stay away from them. Read our Bitcoin Profit review for a tested and proven trading robot.

    Negative testimonials

    Negative Testimonials

    Our in-depth analysis reveals that there are a lot of complaints about this platform. The majority of traders report losing trading capital within a few hours of trading. There are also a lot of complaints about their unresponsive customer service.

    Poor Customer Service

    Poor Customer service

    Crypto Crash Fortunes customer service only responds to inquiries relating to how to make a deposit. They won’t get back to you if you inquire about withdrawals. This is because their main goal is to solicit deposits.

    Sham offshore Brokers

    Sham offshore Brokers

    The brokers operating in cahoots with this robot are all scam. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that almost all of them have a poor online reputation. Crypto Crash Fortunes does not reveal their identity until the trader makes a deposit.

    Crypto Crash Fortunes fake news

    One way that Crypto Cash Fortunes has managed to go viral is through fake news. If you have been researching about this platform, it is highly likely that you have found reviews linking it with celebrities and top TV shows. The scammers behind this robot claim that it has appeared on Dragons Den and Shark Tank. We can confirm that Crypto Crash Fortunes Dragons Den and Shark Tank appearance is false. The claims are but marketing gimmicks by affiliate marketers to get you to sign up.

    Crypto Crash Fortunes has also falsely associated itself with celebrities such as Lord Alan, Jamie Oliver, and Peter Jones. It is typical for scam robots to associate with mainstream media and celebrities. Always carry out enough due diligence before depositing your money with any trading platform. We recommend that you read our main robot page to the things to look for when determining if a trading robot is legit.

    Is Crypto Crash Fortunes legit? The Verdict!

    Crypto Crash Fortunes is a scam trading robot, and you should avoid it. Our investigation reveals that the majority of people who have tried it have lost money. The platform appears set to report predetermined results. Additionally, they won’t allow you to withdraw your trading capital if you opt out before live trading.

    Furthermore, we have determined that this robot lies about almost everything. The biggest lie is that they will help traders make a million bucks in profits per month. We cannot stress enough on the need to stay away from this platform. InsideBitcoins recommends that you try a legit trading robot by clicking the trade button in the table below.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Crypto Crash Fortune a scam?

    Yes! Crypto Crash Fortune has all the red flags for a scam. We recommend that you stay away from it and instead try tested and proven robots.

    How much can I make with Crypto Crash Fortune?

    You won’t make any money with Crypto Crash Fortune. Our investigation reveals that this platform reports predetermined losses. Your trading account is likely to be wiped out within a few minutes of live trading.

    How much should I deposit with Crypto Crash Fortune?

    You will lose your money if you deposit it with this platform. InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that it is a complete scam and not worth a try. They won’t allow you to withdraw your capital back let alone profit from it.

    Can I withdraw my money from Crypto Crash Fortune?

    Crypto Crash Fortune does not allow traders to withdraw their capital. Once you make a deposit, consider the money as lost. Register with this platform at your own risk.

    Is Crypto Crash Fortune a pyramid scheme?

    Crypto Crash Fortune is worse than a pyramid scheme. Their main goal is to steal deposits. Once you deposit with them, they go missing in action. We recommend that you stay away from this platform.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    20 thoughts on “Crypto Crash Fortune: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

    1. I am a new comer and want to start crypto trading using crypto bots. But its a difficult task to find a good robot that is legit.

      1. Hello Johnfest54, you are right, you need to do a lot of research and tests and determine if a robot is legit. We have done that hard part for you and shared our results so that viewers like you can easily find out if a robot is legit or not. Check out our Bitcoin RObot on the matter.

    2. I have invested on this robot long time ago, but after that, there was no updates and also no contact information, no helpline number and nothing.I don’t know what to do. Please don’t tell me that I am scammed.

      1. Hello Thomas, we are sorry to inform you but that is the case. You may have lost all the money that you invested in this robot. This is why we recommend our users to only use legit crypto bots that we have listed in this Bitcoin Robot guide.

    3. This robot didn’t give back your investment. So, don’t invest on this one. CAn someone tells me what kind of algorithms are used in these robots.

      1. Hello William76, it’s quite simple actually. Scam robots simply don’t use any algorithms at all. Scams like Crypto Crash Fortune have zero functionality and only focus on scamming people out of their hard earned money.

    4. Can’t be trusted. Stay away and don’t spend your money on it. Is there a way to find a legit robot and start trading on that one?

      1. Hello Bossep, you are right, Crypto Crash Fortune is an absolute scam and we would not recommend it to anyone. As for your question, we have listed the most legit and lucrative crypto bots in this detailed guide.

    5. I have lost my $500 on this robot. Its been a year since I have invested on this robot but never heard back. All my emails are gone unanswered. What should I do? I want to invest on a platform where I can make money.

      1. Hello Ceceil54, we are sorry to inform you but you probably have been scammed and your money is now lost. We would not recommend you to invest any more money on Crypto Cash Fortune and invest in legit crypto bots like Cryptosoft and Ethereum Code instead.

    6. Hey, I deposited with crypto crash a while ago and was not able to withdraw my money. I contacted customer service many times and i got a reply saying that my e-mail has bounced.

      1. Hello Graham78, we are sorry to inform you but your money is lost and is unrecoverable at this point. Scam robots like Crypto Crash Fortune use fake emails on their websites so the real people cannot be tracked. We would recommend you to only invest in crypto bots that are legit and secure. We have listed such legit bots in this detailed guide.

    7. I hate this robot. I can’t get my deposited amount back. Is there a way to get my investment back?

      1. Hello Molly43, we are sorry to tell you this but retrieving your investment from this robot is almost impossible. Scam robots like Crypto Crash Fortune move the deposited money to other accounts as soon as it is deposited.

      1. Hello Lilly55, that is an absolutely wise decision. Investing in Crypto Crash Fortune will probably end up with you losing your money. Instead, we would recommend you to go with robots like Cryptosoft and Crypto Revolt.

      1. Hello Eddy89, you are right, personal information can be used to harm you in several ways if it falls into the wrong hands. A legit robot will only ask for your personal information that is necessary to recognize your identity for verification purposes. Any robot asking for more than that is probably a scam.

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