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Bitcoin Lifestyle is a viral trading robot that is said to make hundreds of dollars in profits per day from a small deposit of $250. The robot allegedly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to glean tradable insights from bitcoin market data. But is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit and can you make good money trading with it?

Our investigative team has been looking for answers and has prepared this in-depth and unbiased review for you. Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit and highly profitable, but there are some things you need to know before you trade with it. We suggest that you read this review to learn more about this bot and get tips to help you trade profitably.

You can go straight to Bitcoin Lifestyle by clicking the trade now button below if you feel that you already know enough about this robot.

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  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? Yes!

We take into account factors such as information accuracy, user feedback, customer services, and cyber safety when determining legit robots. Our legitimacy score is on a scale of 1 to 100 percent. All robots that have a score of above 60% in our legitimacy test are trustworthy. Here are our findings on Bitcoin Lifestyle.

  • All information on Bitcoin Lifestyle website is accurate and verifiable. As a result, we give this robot a score of 94% on transparency.
  • We give this robot a win rate of 93% which is among the highest in our top bitcoin robot 2019 list
  • At least 95% of individual reviews on consumer review sites indicate that Bitcoin Lifestyle is profitable
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle offers 24/7 customer services, and their agents take less than a minute to respond to phone calls and live chats. Consequently, we give this robot a customer service score of 89%
  • This review establishes that Bitcoin Lifestyle has all the necessary measures in place to safeguard users’ data. We give it a score of 92% on safety.
Our investigation includes an analysis of user feedback, a background check of presented information, and also a live test with the minimum deposit needed by the robot in question. A legit robot should be profitable, genuine, reputable, and safe. Moreover, it should have excellent customer services. Bitcoin Lifestyle has a perfect score in each of these areas. In overall, we give this robot a legitimacy score of 95%. Read our Bitcoin Trader review for another top-ranking robot.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle makes money by speculating on bitcoin prices. The robot profitability depends on volatility irrespective of where the markets are headed. Consequently, you can make money through Bitcoin Lifestyle in both the rising and plummeting markets.

Bitcoin is notorious for being highly volatile hence provides the best opportunities for fast-paced and highly accurate robots such as Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Bitcoin Lifestyle applies the techniques used by sophisticated traders to derive insights from big data and place trades. All this happens automatically meaning that the user does not need any special skills to use the robot. Once you do the setup, the robot does everything else for you. This explains why most people who are making it big with this robot are ordinary people.

We have interviewed a bunch and confirmed that at least 60% stumbled on the robot by accident and have no background in trading. At least 25% of those we interviewed revealed that they came across Bitcoin Lifestyle when looking for a passive way to make money online. Most report that the robot has performed beyond their expectations.

Even so, it is essential to note that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a high risk – high return robot. This means that there is a possibility of losing your investment. InsideBitcoins recommends that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is based on a computer algorithm built on the strategies of some of the world best crypto traders. Simply put, it is an automation of trading techniques that have been proven to make millions speculating on bitcoin.

Some of the Bitcoin Lifestyle founders are seasoned traders, and one of them is a well-known crypto millionaire. We did a background search and determined that he is also a software engineer with several trading robots under his portfolio. Bitcoin Lifestyle is his most successful product. Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle website for more information.

Bitcoin Lifestyle works in collaboration with highly reputable robot brokers. These brokers are responsible for receiving deposits and facilitating transactions. We have reviewed all of them and can confirm that they are well regulated. One way to determine a legit robot is to review its partner brokers. A legit robot will always partner with reputable and adequately regulated brokers.

Moreover, Bitcoin Lifestyle high profitability emanates from the level of leverage offered by its partner brokers. Some of its brokers provide leverage of up to 1:1000. This means that a $250 account can place trades worth up to $250,000. High leverage is a double-edged sword since it can also lead to significant losses. Bitcoin Lifestyle provides tools to help traders minimize risk.

How to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle

As mentioned above, you do not need any skill to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The robot runs on autopilot only requiring the user to set risk management tools and click live trading. This should not be a problem since the robot provides a comprehensive guide to do this. Follow the steps below to open a trading account with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle homepage and fill your details in the provided form. You will need to register your name, phone number, and email.  Bitcoin Lifestyle will ask to verify your email and phone number by sending an SMS and a link in your email.

We find the verification process to be fast and secure. Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to have taken all the necessary measures to ensure users’ data safety. Our review shows that their website has encryption, and they have a data protection policy in place. Furthermore, they are GDPR compliant.

STEP TWO: Get matched with a broker

After registration, Bitcoin Lifestyle automatically links you to a broker in your jurisdiction. As stated earlier, Bitcoin Lifestyle only partners with reputable brokers. Our investigation shows that all have adequate regulation and are reputable.

Never register with a robot without verifying who their partner brokers are. Legit robots are always ready to reveal their brokers. The benefit of trading with a regulated broker is that you have an assurance that your money is safe.

STEP THREE: Deposit a minimum of $250

You must deposit at least $250 to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The deposit is your trading capital and not the cost of the app. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a license-free robot that makes money by charging a small commission on profits made through it.

Bitcoin Lifestyle partner brokers accept deposits via Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, and a few others. Our live test shows that deposits take less than a minute to reflect on a trader’s account. Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any deposit charges.

STEP FOUR: Live trading

Live trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle involves setting up the risk management features and clicking the live button. Risk management is all about defining the amount of capital you are willing to risk per trade.

You need to train for at least 8 hours per day to attain maximum profitability with this robot. Moreover, ensure that you do not risk more than ten percent per trade. Remember that the more you risk per trade, the higher the likelihood of experiencing massive losses.

Bitcoin Lifestyle review: Test Results Explained!

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trustworthy and profitable robot. We give it a legitimacy score of 95%, which is among the best in our top bitcoin robot list. Furthermore, we give this robot a win rate of 92%, which means that it is consistently profitable.

Bitcoin Trader another top-ranking robot has a legitimacy score of 98%. We can confirm that it is possible to make an average daily return of 30% using this robot. This level of profitability can generate up to $200 per day from a deposit of $250.

Bitcoin Lifestyle advanced technologies

InsideBitcoins investigation includes a thorough test on the technologies provided by a robot. We find the best robots to have a considerable investment in advanced technologies. For instance, Bitcoin Lifestyle uses AI and ML to derive insights from big data and execute trades. The investment in these technologies makes this platform highly accurate. As mentioned above, traders report an average daily profit of $1300 from a deposit of less than $1000.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a highly trustworthy and profitable robot. We suggest that you try this platform. Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Lifestyle reports consistent profits and is easy to use. Traders who try it report making a daily profit of up to 30 percent. Consequently, a $250 account with Bitcoin Lifestyle can grow to a million bucks in a year through reinvestments.

Furthermore, we have established that Bitcoin Lifestyle is safe to use. They handle customers’ data with strict confidentiality and have a standby cyber response team. Moreover, we have determined that this robot is easy to use. Most of its users are ordinary people without any trading background.

While Bitcoin Lifestyle is highly accurate, there is a degree of risk in trading with it. We advise that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Features
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The Best Choice
  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort


Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit?

Yes! InsideBitcoins investigation shows that Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit. We suggest that you try it.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle safe?

Yes! We can confirm that this robot takes users privacy with strict confidentiality. Their platforms have encryption, and hence, hackers cannot steal data.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle requires a minimum deposit of $250. We suggest that you start with the minimum and upgrade your account by plowing back profits.

How profitable is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle reports daily profits of up to 30%. This means that you can make a daily profit of two hundred bucks per day from a deposit of $250.

Can I withdraw my profits from Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Yes! Bitcoin Lifestyle does not have any withdrawal limits. Simply fill the request form, and you will receive your money in 24 hours.

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