Big Money Rush Review: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Big Money Rush Review: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?
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Big Money Rush is a platform that claims to have the power to turn traders into overnight millionaires trading bitcoin. The platform allegedly scans the markets for trading insights and automatically executes winning trades. But is this platform legit and should you try it? If you are thinking of opening an account with Big Money Rush, we suggest that you stop immediately. Big Money Rush is a scam that lures traders through lies.

InsideBitcoins investigation has determined that scammers operate this platform in collaboration with sham offshore brokers. Any deposit you make through this platform goes straight to these scammers pockets.

In this review, we will provide more reasons to stay away from Big Money Rush. Moreover, we will provide tricks to help you detect scammers and also recommend robots that you should try in 2019. Click the “trade now” button below if you prefer going straight to a legit robot.

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Is Big Money Rush legit? No!

InsideBitcoins investigation includes a real-time test and also a rigorous analysis of other people reviews. We also conduct an intensive background investigation on all information published on a robot website. In the real-time test, we deposit the required minimum deposit and carry out live trading.

The analysis of users’ feedback involves combing reviews on consumer review sites and coming up with a comprehensive report. We only take feedback from individuals given that most affiliate review sites are likely to be paid by scammers to write positive reviews. Here are our findings on the Big Money Rush scam.

  • We rate this robot 5% on legitimacy – at least 99% of all information on their website including the testimonials is not genuine
  • Our accuracy test gives Big Money Rush a rating of zero percent – We did not find any evidence of people making money with this platform
  • Big Money Rush scores below 5% on customer service – They appear to only respond to inquiries on how to make a deposit.
  • We give this robot a safety score of 2% – Like most scam robots, Big Money Rush appears to expose users data to scammers

Top trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader score above 80% in all of the above metrics. Read our Bitcoin Trader review to learn more.

How does Big Money Rush scam work?

As mentioned earlier, the Big Money Rush scam is operated by scam artists to steal deposits. InsideBitcoins investigation shows that the scammers behind the platform operate in partnership with offshore scam brokers. Consequently, any deposit made through the platform go to the Big Money Rush scammers and their partner sham brokers.

We can confirm that the trading platform provided by Big Money Rush is not genuine. This means that it does not have an underlying algorithm and does not connect to a real broker. The results you receive through the platform are predetermined and intended to convince you that you lose money during live trading.

Legit trading robots rely on computer algorithms to analyze data for trading signals and automatically execute trades. There are also those with algorithms designed to copy trades from professional trades. The best robots report a daily profit of up to 5% per day. Read our Top Bitcoin Robot 2019 review for tested and proven robots.

Why is Big Money Rush a scam? Test Results explained!

Big Money Rush has all the characteristics of a scam. Their approach is laughable to any experienced trader but newbies, especially those in financial desperation, are likely to fall for their scam.

Like most scammers, their marketing approach is mostly emotional. You are probably here after hearing that this robot will help you own a million dollar yacht. These are the type of ridiculous promises that the scammers behind Big Money Rush tell to get new signups.

Furthermore, they use urgency to get you to sign up without thinking. There is a huge banner on their homepage asking you to sign up now since the opportunity is only available for a few minutes. The urgency marketing technique is common with most scam robots. Here are more reasons to avoid the Big Money Rush scam.

Cloned website

As mentioned above, Big Money Rush has a legitimacy score of 5%. This means that it is an outright scam. Their website is cloned from a legit robot known as Bitcoin Rush. The only difference between the original site and the cloned one is the logo and the name.

Scam robots are known to imitate legit robots in a bid to trick traders into signing up with them. This explains why it is crucial to countercheck the URL and read several reviews before signing up with any robot.

Fake testimonials

Our investigation also reveals that the flashy testimonials on Big Money Rush website are fictitious. The images used for the testimonials profiles are stolen from Pinterest. The majority of scam robots that we have come across use fake testimonials to lure investors.

InsideBitcoins determines the legitimacy of the information provided on the website of the robot by counterchecking for inconsistencies. Apart from lying, scam robots are likely to provide contradicting information.

Zero accuracy

Regarding accuracy, this platform scores zero percent. In our live test, we lost $250 in less than two hours. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of users’ reviews reveals that those who try this robot end up losing all their money.

Like most scam robots, Big Money Rush appears set to make consistent losses. We are sure that they do not have any trading technology, and they do not connect to a real broker or any exchange. It is typical of scam robots to provide fake web-traders.

Scam brokers

Our investigation further reveals that Big Money Rush partner brokers are all scam. We could not arcertain the legal registration and physical location of any of them. Additionally, they do not have static communication channels meaning that there is no way to trace them.

Never trade with a robot without verifying whether its partner brokers are regulated. Regulated brokers are required by law to adhere to strict requirements among them deposit segregation. Read our Cryptokartal review to learn about what to expect in a legit broker.

Unsafe platforms

Like all scam robots, Big Money Rush does not care about its users’ safety. We are confident that they share users’ data with other scammers given the high amount of spam emails you are likely to receive after signing up with them.

Furthermore, there are complaints that some of their emails are phishing scams. This means that there is a likelihood of getting exposed to cyber criminals if you sign up with them. We have also determined that they store billing data, which means that your banking information is at risk of a breach. Read our Bitcoin Future review for a robot with military-grade security measures.

No capital withdrawals

Big Money Rush will not allow you to withdraw your capital if you opt out before your account goes to zero. As mentioned earlier, all deposits made through Big Money Rush goes straight to the scammers’ pockets. Their trading platform is a fake and only meant to trick you into believing that there is real trading involved. The truth of the matter is that this scam sustains itself through the deposits made by unsuspecting traders.

Legit robots allow users to withdraw their capital whenever they want. Leading trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader facilitate transactions within 12 hours.

Is Big Money Rush legit? The Verdict!

Big Money Rush has all the characteristics of a spam robot. Firstly, at least 99% of the information they provide on their website is false. We have established that their website is a clone of Bitcoin Rush and the testimonials on their website are not genuine. Moreover, there is a likelihood that do not have any trading technology. We are 100 percent certain that what they present as a web-trader is a simple webpage without any underlying technology.

InsideBitcoins recommends that you stay away from Big Money Rush and instead try Bitcoin Trader, a tested and proven trading robot. We can confirm that it is possible to make an average daily return of over $1k through this robot.

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The best choice
  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort


Is Big Money Rush legit?

No! Big Money Rush is a scam. You will lose your hard earned money if you deposit it with these scammers.

How much should I deposit with Big Money Rush?

Deposit money with this scam at your own risk. Our investigation reveals that Big Money Rush main goal is to steal deposits from unsuspecting traders.

How much can I make with Big Money Rush?

You won’t make a dime with Big Money Rush. This platform is a terrible scam, and we recommend that you stay away from it. We recommend that you only try a tested and proven trading robot.

Can I withdraw my money from Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush won’t allow you to withdraw your capital. Like most scammers, there are complaints that they block traders who insist on withdrawing their money. They can’t be held accountable, given that all their partner brokers have no regulation.