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Day 1: December 14
Tutorial Day


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1:00pm – 3:00pm

Tutorial 1: Bitcoin Trading and Analysis Fundamentals
This seminar will introduce you to Charting, which is also commonly known as Technical Analysis. We will go over the basic concepts like Candle Sticks, Trend Lines, Support/Resistance levels and perhaps even more advanced indicators. We will also take a look at recent history and analyze how the price of Bitcoin got to where it is and where it might be headed next. Time will also be allocated to go over some basic Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to those interested in trading Bitcoin for Fiat or Bitcoin for other Crypto-Currency.

3:00pm – 3:30pm


3:30pm – 5:30pm

Tutorial 2: e-Commerce and Bitcoin: Facilitating Online Transactions
Online transactions have brought revolutionary change to the world. Ecommerce has given a great amount of flexibility to virtual consumers irrespective of their location. Online shopping saves an ample amount of time as well as resources. Bitcoin can make e-commerce even more efficient and can change the way businesses operate globally. According to a recent report by Juniper Research, digital payment transactions are set to reach $4.7 trillion by 2019. In this workshop, we’ll provide a detailed look at how Bitcoin is changing online e-Commerce and explore the current ecommerce technology to pay for products and services. We’ll also explain how simple it is for people to purchase Bitcoins, keep them safely in their digital wallets and use them to pay for popular goods or services. With companies and stores like Expedia, 1-800-Flowers, Overstock, Lord & Taylor, TigerDirect, Virgin Galactic, NewEgg, and Dish Network all accepting Bitcoin, the advantages to using the digital currency are piling up. Attend this session to learn how to store Bitcoin safely, how to pay for online services and the possible pitfalls.

Day 2: December 15


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9:00am – 9:30am

Opening Keynote: Train Customers to Pay with Bitcoin by Leveraging Blockchain Loyalty and Incentives
Until now, customers have had little incentive to shop with Bitcoin. Credit cards have consumer protections baked-in and incentivizes like airline frequent flier miles and “cash back” rewards. When Bitcoin prices are on the rise, the incentive is to hold coins, not to spend them. Learn how to incentivize customers with a new a new category of blockchain based loyalty incentives. This is a true WIN / WIN for merchants and consumers alike especially for purchases of low average order values (For example: digital content, game credits, advertising, etc.)

9:30am – 10:15am

Track 1
Track 2
Leadership in a Time of Crypto: A Discussion on the Necessary Traits For Crypto Startups
In its short history, Bitcoin has become equally known for its revolutionary technology and breathtaking scandals which have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. But the biggest scandals were not perpetrated by hackers, but by pillars of the community turned negligent and/or criminal actors. With too many examples to count, it begs a question to the community: What does a leader in the Bitcoin space look like, and what traits should today’s budding startups adopt? More than any of the technical aspects of Bitcoin, the development of true leaders in our community will determine whether we evolve independently, or are simply swallowed up as an accessory to the Finance industry.

Gaming on the Blockchain
As the usage of blockchain and crypto-currencies become more mainstream, blockchain-based games could be where the gaming industry is headed next. Join us for an illuminating panel as some of the brightest minds in the space discuss how companies have incorporated or built their game using the same technology that powers Bitcoin. This panel will feature projects that are doing this today, why they’ve chosen the Blockchain, and the advantages for players and stakeholders alike.

10:15am – 10:45am

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Track 2
The ‘Universal’ vs. ‘Specialized’ Bitcoin Company Debate
Despite the emergence of several large Universal Bitcoin companies, these companies will eventually give way to more specialized Bitcoin/Blockchain products, services, and companies. The early years of the internet saw a small number of universal players such as Yahoo and AOL offer a broad set of services, including dial-up access, news, email, instant messaging, e-commerce, search, etc. They soon emerged as the most dominant companies in the industry. Yet, this only lasted for a period of time. Over the years, more specialized companies emerged as the clear winners in specific areas – Google in ‘search’, Amazon in mass market ‘e-commerce’. Should we expect the same outcome for the Bitcoin ecosystem? The answer: Yes. Join this session to learn why.

Solving Authentication Problems
The root of most security breaches starts with compromised authentication, usually being a password. Passwords are inherently flawed. Typical 2 factor authentication is a Band-Aid on this known problem. This talk explains many of the problems for both users and businesses face with current authentication systems and what kinds of solutions exist.

10:45am – 11:15am

Morning Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

11:15am – 12:00pm

Track 1
Track 2
US and Beyond: Current Regulatory Examinations and Enforcement Actions
Join us for an incisive discussion and analysis of the current AML regulatory examinations and other key legislative/political considerations directed at Bitcoin exchanges, administrators, and kiosks/ATMs. The panel will focus on recent events and enforcement actions, compliance lessons learned, and how to prepare for your upcoming regulatory exam. What are examiners focused on? What can be learned from settlement agreements? What are the significant trends and major commonalities or differences across geographic regions?

Making Bitcoin Easy for Small Business
In this panel, we’ll discuss the “grass roots” strategies that can be used to get small business owners involved in bitcoin as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will discuss a variety of “sure fire” strategies to build a thriving bitcoin community in your home town with active business participation. These are the techniques that will lay the foundation for accelerated mass adoption. If you are impatient to see bitcoin adoption grow then you can’t afford to miss this session.

12:00pm – 12:30pm

Track 1
Track 2
A Comparison of Chinese and Western Bitcoin Exchanges
The three largest bitcoin exchanges in the world by volume are in China followed by those in the US and Europe. How do they differ? What are their similarities? Are the Chinese exchange volumes “real”. The presentation will examine each of the top global bitcoin exchanges in terms of volume, products, ease of use, customers, technology, security, ownership, financials and future growth.

How Bitcoin Payroll is Changing the International Payroll Landscape
Are you getting paid in Bitcoin? This talk will discuss why companies and individuals are leveraging Bitcoin for payroll, how Bitcoin wages are changing lives in many countries, and how Bitcoin Payroll is growing domestically and abroad.

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Lunch Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

1:30pm – 2:00pm

Afternoon Keynote: The Future of Crypto
This keynote will discuss the current state-of-the-art in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the existing and established use cases, the obstacles that are limiting its development and adoption, and how we might be able to overcome these challenges.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Track 1
Track 2
P2P Transactions and Digital Wallets
At the core of bitcoin, there are only two main requirements: miners and wallets. In a fully bitcoin adopted world, everything else is optional. On this panel we will go into detail on the various types of wallet implementations and their tradeoffs. Various leaders in the wallet space will chime in on their vision, differences in their implementation, and what unique characteristics their platform has to offer.

Decentralizing Content Distribution
Online content distribution currently relies on a number of central points of failure that often result in poor playback experiences, limited monetization options and content makers feeling that they aren’t being fairly compensated. The Decentralized Library of Alexandria is disintermediating content distribution, replacing “”server side”” tasks with financially-incentivized user provided ones and eliminating unnecessary waste from the process. Alexandria is not just an app, it’s a standard for permissionless publishing of valuable digital content on the internet, embeddable anywhere, with monetization choices entirely up to content makers. It can help users resist content censorship and tracking and makes ad-based monetization entirely optional instead of the only choice for many content makers. Alexandria’s founder, Devon Read, will talk about the philosophy behind the project, the challenges involved in attempting to decentralize an entire industry and give a brief demo of it’s current beta form.

2:45pm – 3:15pm

Afternoon Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

3:15pm – 4:00pm

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Ultra Vires: the SEC’s Backdoor Regulation of Bitcoin and the Tools Used to Disrupt the Disruptors
This session will explore how federal regulators use old tricks to create new law in the fields of digital currencies. A case study of SEC v. Shavers and other regulatory actions where agencies seek remedy in the courts instead of through rule making or legislative action will be covered in detail.

Factory Banking: Bitcoin Beyond Disruption
It’s pretty common knowledge today what Bitcoin is: a virtual payment mechanism enabled by the first sort of Blockchain technology. Beyond that, however, what is Bitcoin? Is it a currency? Is it a mechanism of escrow payment transfer? Or is it much more than any of these? In this presentation on Factory Banking, which Harrison first developed in 2014, he argues that Bitcoin’s Blockchain is an automated central banking protocol for the Internet of Things Economy, and that as such, Bitcoin will increasingly function less as a currency per se and more as an interest rate for the physical economy inside the virtual marketplace. Further, with Blockchains such as those developed by Ethereum, Stellar and Ripple serving distinct communities of virtual commerce, Bitcoin’s blockchain is less a disruptive force than it is something of a realigning force in the global economy. In this way Bitcoin’s rise right now may turn out to be an event that is far more instrumental in bringing about the future than was even the adoption of a virtual file-sharing network such as the internet. In this mind-blowing presentation, Harrison argues that the true historical effects of Bitcoin on the world will instead of being disruptive, more likely be directly comparable to the writing of the constitution of the United States and the establishment of the US dollar: two events that altered the course of the future forever.

4:00pm – 4:45pm

Track 1
Track 2
The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing
Bitcoin investing has significant risk but also significant reward potential. In this panel we will discuss strategies for hedging and safeguarding your bitcoin investments. Both short term and long term strategies will be discussed as well as strategies for both cautious and speculative investors.

Smart Contracts: Enabling New Work-Life Culture
Professional networks have always been important to one’s livelihood. Now, collaborating globally is easier than ever. How will these capabilities along with smart contracts and payment for work in bitcoin reshape freelancers’ pursuits of flexibility, freedom, and creativity?

4:45pm – 5:30pm

Track 1
Track 2
Bitcoin Exchanges: Past, Present, and Future
Acquiring Bitcoin for the long term or speculating short term has been evolving quickly over the last few years. From the early days of sending someone cash for bitcoins and the first spectacular rise and fall of Mt. Gox to the current leverage trading platforms we see today. Our panel of industry veterans will discuss this evolution and what they are expecting on the horizon from more secure transactions to their expectation of regulations. We’ll also touch on what is currently missing, what needs to be done away with and most importantly, what these experts are doing about it.

Blockchain, Bitcoin and Banking Regulators: A Bankers Perspective
A revolution is happening in banking and payments. Digital and Crypto currency is part of the disruptive force. Regulator support is critical for any successful change. What is the key to succeed with the regulators? Will Blockchain technology and Bitcoins become common in American banking? Will they pass the regulator scrutiny as Internet banking experienced in the late 90s? What Bitcoin / Blockchain characteristics should change to help its case?

5:30pm – 6:15pm

Closing Keynote: You Don’t Need to Trust Wall Street — You Only Need to Trust Mathematics
If you weren’t left with substantial distrust of Wall Street in the wake of the global economic meltdown of 2008, you must not have been paying attention. CEO Patrick Byrne certainly was. In 2014, Byrne’s background in cryptography, libertarian economics and Wall Street whistle-blowing inspired him to create an alternative stock exchange built on bitcoin technology. In his talk, Byrne will explore’s history, form, function and future.

6:15pm – 7:15pm

Networking Reception


Networking Dinner

Day 3: December 16


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9:00am – 9:30am

Building Trust on the Blockchain: The Importance of Mental Models
Bitcoin, and the services using it, are still too complicated to go mainstream. As blockchain technology matures, it’s critical that cryptocurrency builds consumer trust, which requires simpler mental models. This talk will define mental models, discuss why they’re important for building trust, and how to can improve them.

9:30am – 10:00am

Multi-Sig: Theft, Regulation, And Why It May Be A Startup’s Best Friend
Each time an exchange is hacked and funds are stolen, the case for multi-signature technology becomes more compelling. But the argument for the adoption of multi-signature technology is not limited to providing better security. The question of “who controls customer funds” is the driving issue for state regulators, and the distribution of that control may erase the need for a lot of the consumer protection-focused regulation currently imposed on virtual currency companies.

10:00am – 10:30am

Raise Money With No Money: Gorilla Marketing for Your Bitcoin Startup
Entrepreneurs have time or money. Learn how to get the word out about your Bitcoin or Blockchain start-up on a shoe-string budget. Cut through the clutter with sticky and innovative messaging that reaches your target audience. You’ll walk away from this session with some valuable tools that will have an immediate effect on your sales funnel.

10:30am – 11:00am

Morning Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

11:00am – 12:00pm

Startup Competition
This high energy session is a rapid-fire blitz of what’s on the horizon for Bitcoin. Join us as startups and emerging entrepreneurs in the cybercurrency space give Lightening Talks on their business strategies, their customers, their challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Each selected startup will have the opportunity to speak for five minutes and pitch their Bitcoin business idea. A panel of industry veterans will serve as judges and listen to and comment on participating startups’ business concepts, delivery and vision. The winner will receive $2,500 value to be paid in BTC and a featured speaking slot on the agenda at an upcoming Inside Bitcoins conference as well as a complimentary consultation with an industry luminary. All conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to watch the competition unfold! Startups wishing to be considered should e-mail

12:00pm – 12:30pm

BitID: Eliminating Passwords and Improving Security Using Blockchain Public & Private Keys
The explosion of passwords needed to access all our online services has been a major pain point for the casual web user and digital warrior alike. In addition to it’s challenges, passwords also present tremendous security risks. Hidden in blockchain technology is an authentication method that is capable of providing both an improved user experience and a huge gain in security at the same time. Find out how the blockchain’s use of cryptographic public & private keys can be used to secure authentication for everything from websites, mobile apps, financial services, door locks, and IOT devices, and do it with zero-trust and zero-knowledge of third party providers.

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Lunch Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

1:30pm – 2:00pm

Afternoon Keynote: Beyond Traditional Banks: FinTech Compliance
In the past several years, financial technology companies have advanced the opportunities for alternative banking services beyond traditional banks. Consumers are pushing towards the periphery of traditional banking services and seeking more efficient, cost-effective, and tech-oriented ways to pay, share, utilize, and lend. Moreover, FinTech has accelerated a consumer’s ability to execute international transactions. In this keynote, we will explore the intersection between traditional banks and FinTech, highlight areas of risk, bankability of FinTech, and how to comply with regulatory requirements moving forward.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain Startups: What Really Matters?
Everyone is talking about the blockchain (Bitcoin 2.0) as being the “real” opportunity for those who didn’t get an early jump on Bitcoin, the currency. As a result, we are seeing many startups focusing on applying blockchain solutions to smart contracts, ledger-based functions, and much more, but what do these startups need to be seen as a relevant disruptor? In this talk we will discuss where the blockchain is headed, what constitutes disruption and relevance, new ways of creating value and the new funding models that are determining the success of new blockchain-based startups.

2:45pm – 3:00pm

Afternoon Break & Exhibit Hall is Open

3:00pm – 3:30pm

Internet to Bitcoin: Introducing Transformational Technologies to the Mass Market, Lessons from the Trenches
With over twenty years experience in building Internet platforms, products and companies, Dawn draws real parallels between the early days of the commercialization and growth of the Internet, and current day Bitcoin. What lessons can we learn for the industry, and for our companies as we move Bitcoin from early adopters to more mainstream, mass market uses?

3:30pm – 4:15pm

Driving Adoption: Peer to Peer Lending in Bitcoin
One of the best ways to ramp up Bitcoin adoption is to invest it in other Bitcoin operating companies and really treat it like money. We can do that with BTC peer lending platforms to invest our coin, earn interest and help our ecosystem grow. Lending Club, who went public in 2014, went from $446 million in loans per quarter in 2013 to $1.9 billion in loans in Q2 of this year. Join our panel of industry experts as they explore the advantages of providing loans to individuals and BTC businesses without going through a traditional financial body such as a bank.

4:15pm – 4:45pm

Bridging the Gap Between Gold Ownership and Crypto-Efficiency
The end of contemporary banking is near. Our ability to save money “the old fashioned way” just got a make-over and it’s going to create more financial freedom for those who choose to take responsibility for their financial future. Join Anthem Blanchard, CEO of Anthem Vault and creator of HayekGold, to learn about a new digital receipt system that has the potential to provide a banking system to developing nations, bring spendable gold to mobile devices, and create easier ways to carry gold across the world.

4:45pm – 5:30pm

Working with Wall Street
Throughout 2015, we’ve seen Wall Street’s interest and level of engagement with Bitcoin and the blockchain continue to escalate. With the technological and regulatory infrastructure in place, financial institutions are beginning to enter and help shape the digital currency ecosystem. What impacts and opportunities will this create, and how will they shape the community at large?

Digital Currency Council Continuing Education Credit

The following Blockchain Agenda sessions qualify for DCC Continuing Education Credits:
  • Tutorial #1: Bitcoin Trading and Analysis Fundamentals (2 credits)
  • Tutorial #2: E-commerce and Bitcoin: Facilitating Online Transactions (2 credits)
  • The Role of Digital Currency in the Future of Global Commerce (½ credit)
  • Solving Authentication Problems (½ credit)
  • US and Beyond: Current Regulatory Examinations and Enforcement Actions (½ credit)
  • Making Bitcoin Easier for Small Businesses (½ credit)
  • P2P Transactions and Digital Wallets (½ credit)
  • Factory Banking: Bitcoin Beyond Disruption (½ credit)
  • How Bitcoin Payroll is Changing the International Payroll Landscape (½ credit)
  • Decentralizing Content Distribution (½ credit)
  • The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing (½ credit)
  • Smart Contracts: Enabling New Work-Life Culture (½ credit)
  • Bitcoin Exchanges: Past, Present, and Future (½ credit)
  • Beyond Traditional Banks: Fintech Compliance (½ credit)
  • Working with Wall Street (½ credit)
  • For more information, visit the Digital Currency Council website.

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