Would you like to protect your privacy and increase security when you are on the Internet? there is one option – Mysterium network

By InsideBitcoins Sep 24, 2017 12:00 PM EST

Blockchain-based VPN network for internet connection. The Mysterium platform is designed so that users who using the network and want to share their spare bandwidth to the network, will be able to earn extra money (Myst tokens).

Many people tend to associate anonymity with criminal activity, but that is misleading. For example, one good reason can be to safeguard to corporate espionage and another when you travel across the world, in some countries is content blocked and you can not access to social media or email.

Recently in the U.S. has seen a huge surge in demand for VPN services as people seek to restore their privacy due to reversed a set of important consumer protection rights. Moreover, these data are obtained by ISPs are sold to third parties for advertising purposes and who knows what else

It can be expected that the demand for decentralized access to the network will increase. This trend is confirmed by the numbers from the markets. The use of VPN providers and Ad Block software grows every year.

how will the cost of the service provided within the Mysterium network be defined?

The cost will be defined by the node operators, by means of ‘perfect competition.’

Perfect competition should ensure that the cost of using VPNs is lower than that of traditional VPN providers.

Myst tokens are currently traded on two stock exchanges. One of them is the smaller name of Liqui and the other known Bittrex. In the last week, we have seen increased volatility and the price is in the range of 0.0002 – 0.0003 Myst / Btc. We can also observe several times bigger the volume.

investors seem to cumulate the tokens in anticipation of new reports from a developer team that has expanded over the last few weeks to help speed up the overall project



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  • Hyb

    a bit of patience, everything will show up soon 😉

  • wertram

    Yes I agree with
    you how this project has great potencial, and MYST tokens should have
    great potencial and the price should grow up .. who knows how high

  • emptiness

    whales are everywhere, I wonder how they do it, if they just have everything secured or just buy everything that goes, and once in a while the market will show their activity

  • kmxl45

    Decentralisation is great idea especially in private data sector. I love this idea about decentralisation since I discovered BTC and crypto generally. It have a great potential in too many spheres and it is future.

  • Arslada

    Probably the best time to invest there some money for everyone who interests about it.

  • Jansfot

    0.001 is still quite far, I would rather see it as a long-term goal, but perhaps with an increase in volume, an attempt could be made to do this

  • emptiness

    You can trade on Liqui as well if you don’t like Bittrex 😉

  • Arslada

    This project based on decentralized VPN has very bright future. People want to be hidden and protected from hackers attacks and many other reasons exist why to use a similar protection like Mysterium. And therefore more and more people invest here and Mystrium price will reach higher levels soon.

  • Peter Hillman

    Yep, there is definitely something going on. Yesterday I’ve seen someone buy 40 BTC worth of Mysterium just like that. And there are more trading volume spikes. I thus also suspect that something is being prepared and whales are jumping on the train.

  • hairyfairy

    The guys from Mysterium had very good idea for demanded service. Their ICO in May was successful, now their are widening their network. They should improve their communication with their investors and crypto community – you can have perfect product but you have to also have good marketing for it. But I heard that they strenghtened their team in this field. Now is not their token MYST very known – it is in 145th place in market capitalisation chart but the volume is overwhelming – bigger then in Steem which is ranked on 22nd place! Now the price is still at very low level I am convinced that it grows a lot soon.

  • Axwulph

    During last news the price was around 0.0004 and during the news before 0.0006. But now it looks different. On Bittrex are big buys in value about 40BTC last few days and the chart is having another course that it was in past. Like something big was going to happen. It’s more than possible that the price will be like your tip and higher.

  • godfish

    Are there any other exchanges you would recommend or you just use that one. I got a bit mixed feelings about Bittrex. My bad, but still.

  • godfish

    If the network works properly and effectively, I have no worries about the price. 0.001 isn’t that far as it seems now.

  • Peter Hillman

    Yep, I don’t like it either, but at least we can freely surf the web. I think that Mysterium can be particularly useful in countries like China or North Korea where a lot of websites are blocked. They can also block centralized VPNs by IP, but they can’t block thousands of ever-changing IPs of Mysterium 🙂

  • Beorhtio

    Yeah, the whales knows and they are shopping now. And when the whales are shopping, price could be very interesting.

  • george_M

    the bad news is that there are other countries that allow this data misuse. If they were to pay for it at all, but everything they get through the sale will end on their bold accounts

  • Jansfot

    we test the barrier around 0.00025, if we break down to 0.0003 and then we’ll open the way to August’s maximum values. increased volumes should help

  • Peter Hillman

    That’s right. I use VPN sometimes myself, but I don’t really trust the centralized VPNs. They all say they do not collect traffic or user data, but who knows. I actually discovered this project a few days ago and became a big fan. If they can really create a decentralized VPN network, I’m all in.

  • george_M

    I do not wonder that US demand for Vpn is growing when their laws allow trading with user data. It was only a matter of time when people would be patient

  • emptiness

    Recently, there is an increased volume on bittrex, probably thanks to recent media coverage. We’ll see where the price gets

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