IQeon Gaming Ecosystem Takes on Brain Challenging Games

By Bitsonline PR Jan 2, 2018 4:43 PM EST

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Intellectual games are actively presented on the world arena of desktop and mobile platforms. There are many game developers who caught the people’s crave to keeping their grey cells supplied with daily workouts. At present, the global market of mobile intelligent games is up to 4.9 billion USD, and their audience is constantly increasing, which attracts more and more investments in this sphere.

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According to the data provided by the mobile app surveys, logical games are occupying top places by the number of downloads and monthly active users.

Northern American and European regions are well-known for their interest to mind games, existing in the form of mini-games collection, covering the following subjects: mental agility, language, memory, attention. Among the most popular ones, according to the Guardian are Peak, Elevate, Lumosity, Fit Brains, Cognito, etc.

Right now, there is not much difference between the countries in terms of games’ popularity but the Asian region stands a bit aside for their love to kids’ games and the introduction of traditional Asian elements in logical games.

I’m sure some of us have spotted their favorite games among the aforementioned ones. Have you ever thought how awesome it could be if you have an opportunity to interact with your favorite logical games kept in one place? IQeon gaming ecosystem provides you with this connectivity!

The benefits IQeon platform brings to the gaming world:

All your beloved games are located on one platform. The score gained in the game is easily monetized into IQN, the platform cryptocurrency. IQN could be easily transferred from one game to another to increase the level or buy some objects needed to complete the level. IQN earned through the growth of your intellectual score could be easily exchanged into other cryptocurrencies through the inbuilt system. IQN could be exchanged into fiat and stored on your Mastercard.

Additional bonus to all all game lovers is that IQeon provides the open API. It means that any game which is not enlisted in the platform could be connected to the ecosystem. The players make bets on who is going to win and enter the data into IQeon platform. Smart contract technology guarantees the fair payment to the winner as soon as the playing session finishes. This is the way, IQeon ecosystem could grow and become the hub of any kinds of PvP bets between the players.

IQeon team is expected to run the ICO and the high-skilled team of professionals seeks the partnership through the investments in the platform. Let’s  witness the growing popularity of the IQeon platform and the increase of IQN price. The startup is entering its ICO on January 30, 2018. The funds are accepted in ETH, BTC, and LTC. IQN is issued on Ethereum Blockchain and supports the ERC20 standard, which guarantees its compatibility with many platforms and projects. Support the team and let the world of intellectual games change for the better, not only stretching the players’ brain but also providing them with stable monthly earnings.

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